Alation Internship 2023


Software Documentation - Remote

I honed my documentaton skills with an internship at a company that provided data intelligence software. Here, I created internal processes from scratch, collaborated in agile environments with sprints every two weeks, and updated older documents.

I collaborated remotely using Google Docs for revisions and peer reviews, Confluence for style guide updates, and Jira to update tickets.

Additionally, the animations on this page were created using JavaScript from scratch!

Compose Toolbars

Minor feature added to the Results section to highlight entire rows. I deleted the Results page, added the new details to the Compose page, and renamed the link Compose Toolbar(s). Collaborated with engineers, who provided access to their demo testing.

Data Browser Revision

Updated document with more consistent formatting by removing inconsistent images, changing all titles to indicate an action, and changing sentences to have consistent wording, such as the description in bold, followed by the action.

Quick Navigation Tips

Edited and revised document by rearranging table for more clarity. Also updated the table for consistency to match other tables in company documentation.

Start a New Query

Instructions to start a new query were separated into two documents with similar wording. I combined the documents into one and replaced the dated imagery for consistency.

Find and Open Queries

Find injested queries and open queries were in different documents with the same instructions. To limit redundancy, I researched by watching company videos. I found a search queries topic included with the others. Combined all to match company videos.

Additional Info

All pages created using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript!

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